Karung Snakeskin Colours for Snakeskin Belts Bags Jewellery and Trimmings

Karung Snakeskin in Plain Colours

These are some of the colours available in the karung snakeskin for making snakeskin belts and trimming bags. I have many others and I am happy to send you cuttings of any colour you might be interested in. In some of these karung snakeskins I have large enough skins to make belts or bags and in some I just have enough to trim belts and bags. Please click the colour to see the scale pattern. This pattern will vary depending on the size of the snakeskin.



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This Gallery includes Pictures of a Special Order for Piped Karung Snakeskin Belts

Colour Options for Piping on an Order for Karung Snakeskin Belts

The pictures above show colours in the multicolour karung snakeskins with options for piping the edges of the belts. To the left are the pictures of the finished order for the karung snakeskin belts in the chosen colours.

Selection of Foiled and Multi Colour Karung Snakeskins

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