Natural Colour Python Snakeskin - Wide Scale with Natural Markings

I have a large variety of python snakeskins, part skins and pieces of python snakeskin suitable for wide python snakeskin belts, narrow python snakeskin belts, snakeskin wallets, bags and wristbands. The natural shades of the snakeskins vary quite a lot a lot as do the natural snakeskin markings. If you would like to have something individual hand made for you in python snakeskin I will sort the most suitable snakeskins and let you know what I can offer you. Most of my python snakeskins are best suited for hand made belts large simple bags and wristbands.

Natural Colour Python Snakeskin - Full Back Pattern with Natural Markings

 Python Snakeskin for Individual Belts Bags Wallets and Wristbands

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