I have not been asked to make many wallets but I recently received an email asking me to make a special order for a python snakeskin wallet in a design that this customer  had always wanted. The customer sent me a diagram of his design and I made this individual python snakeskin wallet according to his instructions with a little input of my own which he was pleased with. I showed him these pictures to see if he liked what I had done and he was very pleased.

Individual Special Order for a Python Snakeskin Wallet

My customer was more than happy for me to quote his response to the pictures of his python wallet and when he received his own design of python snakeskin wallet  he emailed to ask if I would make another wallet design for him.

You might like to see  Python Snakeskin Wallet 2

In The Making

I kept a record of how I made the first wallet. I hope it will help me when I make more wallets. It certainly helped me while I was making Python Snakeskin Wallet 2 For those of you who are craft orientated I will be adding this project to the website when I have sorted the pictures.

Individual Python Snakeskin Wallet In The Making

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“Fantastic is all I can say! It looks exactly as I had imagined! I didn't  realise you would be that quick-I bet it was a pain at some points to make-but  the results speak for themselves. I can't wait to use it on some special  occasion!”

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